Whether you are new to the world of gardening or consider yourself to have a “green thumb”, getting started in the garden in Royal Bay is something everyone can do – and now is the time! Our Sister Company, Excel Homes, asked Colin Hayles, Marketing Director and Purchaser at Calgary’s Golden Acre Home & Garden Center, for some of his best tips for growing plants inside or out, and how to spruce up your yard for the summer.


Growing your own herbs is convenient and easier than you’d think! Use fresh homegrown basil or mint to jazz up your favourite recipes and drinks. Many herbs do amazingly well indoors year-round, and they double as great windowsill decor for your kitchen! Oregano, thyme, dill, and parsley are all great options to put into a windowsill planter or under a grow light on the counter. One of the most popular herbs to grow indoors is basil, but it is notoriously fickle and does not like temperature changes, cold water or frost. Some people prefer to start their basil outdoors during the warm summer months and will bring it inside once the temperature starts to drop in the fall.


There are plenty of low-maintenance flowers and plants that can thrive in both the sun and the shade. We suggest mixing and matching colours to keep your garden looking fresh!

For warm, sunny spots, marigolds, geraniums, zinnias, lavender, dahlias, and osteospermums all grow fantastically well. To most people’s surprise, sunflowers can also grow on your patio if you have the willingness to water twice a day, and have a two-gallon pot.

For cool, shady spots, sturdy plants such as begonias or impatiens can bring a pop of colour and are highly robust.


If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at growing veggies, leafy greens are a great place to start! Spinach, kale, lettuce, and arugula are all relatively easy to take care of and forgiving when it comes to a bit of frost. Tomatoes are also a great veggie to start out with in your garden – they will grow plentifully with lots of watering and a good soil fertilizer.

Colin recommends investing in a Vegepod, which are raised planters from Australia. This can also be substituted with a homemade planter box if you’re feeling up for a little spring garden project. The benefits of a raised plant bed are that they warm up more quickly in the spring and can allow for a longer growing season.


Looking for quick and cost-effective ways to spruce up your backyard? The easiest way to get started is with pre-made planters and/or hanging flower baskets. Many stores will offer pre-made sun and shade varieties, so all you have to do is bring them home and place them wherever your heart desires. If you have the time, you can also plant seeds or bulbs (such as pansies, violas, or chrysanthemums) which will pop up quickly with a little sun and watering. All of these options will add colour to your backyard for an affordable price, and minimal work (score!).

When it comes to gardening, less is more. Especially when you’re just starting out! A windowsill herb garden or a couple of hanging pots can make a world of difference.

Happy gardening from all of us at GableCraft Homes!

With Tanya & Brendan

Welcome home! Those words ring especially true when your new home and community reflect a lifestyle that supports you and your family to thrive and flourish.

As Real Estate Advisors who pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, we help people when looking at their options. Buying a home is the single most important financial decision you will make that affects your quality of life for years to come. We meet with customers daily at The Homestore and here is what we find are the most important reasons to buy a new home.

Why buy a new home in a master-planned community?

1. Planned neighborhood and amenities

A master-planned community is an exceptionally well-designed collection of homes constructed by a vetted builder. These communities contain amenities that support health, wellness, and leisure, and provide convenient access to retailers, schools, and community facilities.

The community’s control over zoning and new phases of development ensures that the neighborhood develops according to the vision of the master plan. A community focused on health and wellness provides access to green spaces, playgrounds, walking and cycling trails, as well as athletic facilities for all ages. Wide, tree-lined streets, community events, and gathering places make it easy to meet and mingle with neighbours.  Children build friendships that last a lifetime.

Find out more about the Royal Bay Master-planned community where GableCraft is now building.

2. You can personalize your new home

After you have identified which community you want to live in and who the builder for your dream home is, personalizing its design and features is the next step. Personalization ensures that you build the home you want within the budget you have to work with.

When you work with a builder that has streamlined the design process, your needs and specifications are considered every step of the way. Personalization packages that offer different specialized options guide you in selecting what is best for your lifestyle and budget.

3. Your home is move-in ready

Before you move into your home, your builder will conduct regular inspections and updates to keep you in the loop. You will enjoy peace of mind knowing your home is built according to your design specifications and applicable building codes.

When you move in, you can spend your days meeting your neighbours, decorating, and accessorizing your home. Rather than worrying about the cost of fixing deficiencies.  A new GableCraft Home comes with an improved Deficiency Program as well as a builder warranty and the latest safety features. In British Columbia, new homes constructed under a building permit applied for on or after July 1, 1999, are covered by mandatory third-party home warranty insurance.

If you buy a resale or older home, you take the risk of making costly repairs. Repairing a roof, or dealing with electrical or plumbing issues can set you back tens of thousands of dollars.

With a new home, you choose your finishes and features. You avoid the inconvenience of renovating after you take possession. It’s nice to know your house will be move-in ready.

4. After you buy you are taken care of

Your home-buying experience extends well after you move in.

With a home in a master-planned community, you become part of a family of owners. Your builder’s service and warranty department will address your construction-related inquiries.

When you buy a re-sale or old home, you are on your own after completing final inspections and the ink dries on your signed contract.

5. You can improve your return on investment

Buying a new home could improve the return on our monetary investment as well as on your time — no more pounding the pavement in a futile search or bidding war. 

Welcome Home.

The satisfaction and happiness when you first walk into your dream home make it all worth it.

Over the years, we have striven to improve our process and what GableCraft Homes offers when it comes to important components of your home – from the Deficiency Program, supplies, and resources, to standard finishes.  It is so wonderful when our clients are a big part of the curation and personalization of their new home. We know it’s the little details that make the biggest difference.

Contact Tanya or Brendan to take the first step towards building your dream home at Royal Bay.

Tour the Wet Bar in GableCraft’s Carlisle Home

FEBRUARY 2022 | with Tanya & Brendan

The Wet Bar in the Carlisle Home built by GableCraft at Royal Bay is a superb addition to the extra bedroom, bathroom, and recreation room offer with the finished basement option for home buyers.

Feature Friday with Tanya & Brendan – The Wet Bar

Let GableCraft Build Your Dream Home

The satisfaction and happiness when you first walk into your dream home make it all worth it.  GableCraft Homes designs each of its homes with your style and comfort in mind so we have curated options for our buyers to personalize their new homes. We know it’s the little details that make the biggest difference.

Contact Tanya or Brendan to take the first step towards building your dream home at Royal Bay.





GableCraft Homes Welcomes New Homeowners to Royal Bay


In 2021, new homeowners at Royal Bay’s seaside community in the city of Colwood settled into enjoying life on the temperate west coast of southern Vancouver Island. Royal Bay is conveniently located just 30 minutes from the vibrant and picturesque harbour city of Victoria.  

2021 Accomplishments

GableCraft Celebrates Growth of the Community

Throughout last year, the sales of GableCraft homes proceeded briskly at Royal Bay. As more trails, parks, and amenities are completed, residents and neighbors are enjoying all that this exceptional community has to offer. Find out more.

Sales Exceeded Expectations

The Villas, a 16 unit Patio Home development on Caspian Drive sold out in record time! In addition, 53 additional Single Family homes in Phase 4B sold out in 2021. Buyers recognized the great value offered in being part of this exceptional community and the opportunity to contribute to its continued growth.

The Coral at Royal Bay is more than 50% Sold

Last Spring, the Coral townhome development was launched and is now more than fifty percent sold. The Coral is the fourth townhome development at Royal Bay with the first three: Mariner, West Commons, and Compass, completed and sold out. 

The Coral offers style, convenience and worry-free living in a contemporary and open-space design that allows our new homeowners to focus on good times spent with friends and family.

Don’t Miss out – Book Your Appointment for The Coral

This collection of eighty-three townhomes located at 255 Caspian Drive continues the tradition of Vancouver Island’s coastal-inspired architecture and features spacious two and three bedrooms plus-flex designs. For more information on The Coral, please book an appointment with Area Sales Managers Tanya Zakkour (250-508-2270) and Brendan Wilkinson (250-713-7770) at the HomeStore or register for updates.

GableCraft Show Homes

The Carlisle and The Neville

Our existing show homes, the Carlisle and the Neville, will soon be joined by a new neighbour on 3335 Curlew Street.

The Carlisle, Living Room
The Neville, Living Room
The Sheffield

The Sheffield Show Home, currently under construction, is slated to be open the first week of March 2022. This executive-styled home four bedroom offers the perfect harmony of contemporary design and flexibility that provides homeowners with numerous options. Stay tuned for updates about this exceptional offering that includes a finished suite.

Build Your Dream Home

The satisfaction and happiness when you first walk into your dream home makes it all worth it.  GableCraft Homes designs each of its homes with you in mind so we have curated options for our buyers to personalize their new home. We know it’s the little details that make the biggest difference. Contact us to take the first step towards building your dream home at Royal Bay.


The Royal BC Museum and Colwood’s Royal Bay development will write their next chapter together, with the recent announcement that Royal Bay will be home for a new branch of the Royal BC Museum.

As part of a long-term modernization plan, the new 150,000 square foot public facility will house the museum’s growing collection of over 8 million artifacts, alongside research labs and educational space.  Land preparation for the mass timber building will start this fall and the new branch will open its doors to the public in 2024.

“The selection of Royal Bay as the planned home for the new RBCM Collections and Research facility, along with the recently announced elementary school site, have created a unique opportunity for our community to grow around these cultural and educational amenities” said Ben Mycroft, Senior Development Manager of GableCraft Homes. “We’re incredibly grateful to Mayor Martin, Colwood Council, and CAO Robert Earl for their hard work in ensuring this world-class facility chose Colwood. The new Collections and Research facility will be the anchor of an ambitious new vision for Royal Bay, and Colwood as a whole taking on a more significant role in the Capital Region.”

Momentum is building in Royal Bay, with the museum announcement hot on the heels of a new elementary school announced last Thursday. Next up in October, the first of many commercial services will open their doors, with the introduction of locally-owned Sequoia Coffee.

Royal Bay is a master-planned community situated only steps away from the waterfront of Royal Beach, a 1.3-kilometre waterfront. Spanning over 400 acres, the next chapter of Royal Bay, Latoria South, will see the former rock quarry transformed into a new hub for Colwood and the Westshore, with 2,100 new homes, parks and pathways, safe bike routes, a grocery store, neighbourhood shops and services, and an elementary school. 

GableCraft Homes wins four CARE Awards – Including Best Subdivision!

We are incredibly proud to be recognized by the Victoria Residential Builders Association with four 2020 CARE Awards. The CARE Awards showcase outstanding projects by Canada’s leaders in sustainable West Coast design and construction. These awards are selected by a panel of industry professionals using criteria such as architectural design, quality workmanship, creative use of space and energy efficiency.

The awards to GableCraft Homes came in the following categories: 

  • Best Subdivision: Royal Bay Phase 2
  • Best Entry Level Market Home (Shelton)
  • Best Multi-Family/Townhouse Project (West Commons)
  • Best Sales Centre

This recognition is an outstanding achievement for our team and our community. We share this recognition and our gratitude with the Colwood community, everyone from our local elected officials and community planners, our trades and contractors and our amazing Royal Bay residents. Everyone plays a role in making Royal Bay the amazing community it is.

And we believe the best is still yet to come!