The Benefits of a Laned Home

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Across Vancouver Island, the demand for laned homes is increasing—and for good reason! We’re seeing many first-time home buyers and downsizers head to Royal Bay in Colwood to embrace this style of home. Showcased by detached garages in the back of the home, Gablecraft Homes’ designs offer the privacy of a detached home at a more affordable price.

5 Things We Love About Laned Homes

1. Choice

Gablecraft homes offers a number of thoughtfully designed open concept models in several Royal Bay phases—all designed for young families in mind. Best of all, Gablecraft allows you to personalize your home with several upgrades, ensuring your home will reflect your unique personality. With wondrous designs and luxury finishes, Gablecraft’s Corrigan, Carlisle, Hendon, Shelton and Westwick designs are just some of the Laned Homes that are piquing the interest of many.

2. The traditional curb appeal

While some homebuyers absolutely love the aesthetics and convenience of a home with a front attached garage, others prefer the more traditional look that laned homes provide. It’s also true that a standalone garage can enhance the curb appeal of your home. While some people might perceive that a detached garage is a lesser product, in actuality the quality is the same as an attached one.

3. Affordable Prices

Laned homes offer great living space for a great price point. On average, laned homes are more affordable than front garage homes. What’s not to like about more privacy, improved curb appeal and better pricing?

4. Your pick of lot within Royal Bay

Gablecraft Homes makes it easy to get into a laned home. Whether you are looking for the serenity of fronting onto a forest or perhaps living closer to great schools or within a few minutes to all of the various amenities, you will find your perfect laned home.

5. The beauty of separation

Another big plus? If you don’t own a car, you can convert your detached garage into living space or use it as storage. There’s no end to the common advantages of having a detached garage.

For More Information

Whether you are considering a laned or front garage design, Gablecraft has a variety of options. Contact the Realtors at the HomeStore for more information.

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